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Back in 2002, our founding partner, Mark Branum, was invited to a TTI Technologies factory for a tour. Mark noticed that all the returned Dirt Devil vacuums were being tossed in a large dumpster to be landfilled. Mark is a natural-born entrepreneur and saw an opportunity. He negotiated to take the Dirt Devil vacuums to his facility – which saved TTI landfill costs and was the genesis of America's Remanufacturing Company. 

Today, ARC is still a leader in floor care remanufacturing and resale, but those hand vacs were just the beginning. We are the only US company focused on a broad set of consumer products, including small appliances, floor care, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, power tools, outdoor power equipment, and more. We are Remanufacturing Redefined. 

Our mission is to maximize the value of returned products, protect brands, provide useful returns data, and divert waste from the landfill.

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